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An Open Ireland is a Strong Ireland

Simple Truths:

Ireland has a two-track economy.  It is a tale of two cities, the booming and world-leading export, manufacturing economy of the high-tech Ireland with 100% employment; and the depressed internal services & housing-boom economy that has generated ghost estates and 14.5% unemployment.

We in Ireland can’t stimulate our economy from within.  Ireland’s debt levels are too high and our government expense levels are already far above what our private economy can sustain.  We have to reach out to the rest of the world to generate jobs and growth within Ireland.

“Nationalism economically and socially is inescapable from internationalism” – Taoiseach Sean Lemass

Ireland has a history of success in our international approach to economic development, as best shown in the leadership of Taoiseach Sean Lemass and TK Whitaker in the 1960s which opened up Ireland and brought us economic development and progress.  At that time, Sean Lemass proclaimed, “Our destiny is bound up with that of Europe”, leading to the formation of the EU with Ireland as a founding member.  Subsequently, Irish leadership led to a tight partnership with the United States and the development of Ireland from poverty to a leading technological nation.

Our policies with the EU and the US have led us to an unprecedented dominance in high-tech companies located in Ireland and a disproportionate level of direct foreign inward investment, both of which put us in an enviable position.

Ireland is the best-positioned country in the world to take advantage of our strengths in technology and openness to become a technology haven and a hub for the world’s brightest english-speaking tech talent. Our economy has suffered setbacks recently due to the ills of the banking & property-related damage.  But we can cure this damage by accelerating the development and the health of our already strong industries to re-create full employment and a rising economic tide.

To do this, we must open our hearts, our minds, and our country to the world’s brightest and best tech talent.  An open Ireland, for a strong Ireland.

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