Sean O’Sullivan took to the airwaves last week (4th of July, 2012), when he appeared on the ‘Coleman At Large’ show on Newstalk. During the interview Sean explained how the economy would benefit if we open our borders to the world’s top technology talent and extolled his belief that Ireland can become the “Silicon Valley of Europe”.
“The challenge for us in the high tech sector is to develop a more qualified country of people who are going through second and third level education,” explained Sean on the show. “Creating 100,000 jobs is a big but realistic target and we could do it in 1-3 years. That would make a huge dent in the live register if we can achieve that.
“This is a very achievable target. The head of the IDA Barry O’Leary said that 13,000 jobs could have been created here in 2011 if the IT skills were available and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

When asked by presenter, Marc Coleman, how this is possible Sean explained the current growth in the manufacturing sector.

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high tech export orientated manufacturing sector is in full employment and has large growth. It’s the locomotive that can drag us kicking and screaming out of unemployment and onto the path to recovery.
“The goal is that if you can fill all of these positions, which haven’t been filled due to a lack of skilled labours, you can generate five times as many jobs. There will be 20,000 openings in the next year in the high tech sector.”

Marc queried if there would be jobs for Irish people too or just the skilled workers that come in.“In the short term, the majority of jobs are going to have to be filled by talent from overseas,” answered Sean but “If we can fill these positions it will generate the jobs for the retailers, the butchers and the bakers.
“People want to come to Ireland from all over the world. If we can get some of the top graduates from the top Universities in the world, that will make a huge difference to the Irish economy. Right now we are not doing a good job of letting them in. We are holding back the acceleration our high tech sector is trying to achieve.
“We have ten of the top tech companies in the world here. We even have indigenous companies that are trying to grow but can’t find the talent. One of the things that makes America great is the huge amount of cultures from all around the world.”