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Three things we in Ireland can do to improve our economic situation and further our strength in high tech-leadership in the world:

1. Double the population of Ireland in the next 20 years

2. Establish Ireland as the only english-speaking country with open access for tech talent

3. Establish Ireland as the gateway to Europe for China


We believe it would help our economy improve quickly to allow up to 75,000 of the world’s tech talent to

come work in Ireland. We believe this could establish up to 600,000 additional jobs in Ireland by 2015, and we believe it is worth trying this initiative.

Open Ireland

We do not need money and we do not need much time. But what we would like is to add your voice to our chorus on opening Ireland. Join the movement now, and if you would like to indicate how you agree, or a story of how an Open Ireland would help you, your community, or your business, post a response in our blog.

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702Michael ConwayDublin 11IrelandSep 20, 2016
701Luca BezerraRecifeBrasilMar 11, 2016
700Pierpaolo PortaCorkCorkJul 10, 2015
699joe fahysan joseusaJul 04, 2015
698Rob MarshallDublinIrelandJun 30, 2015
697Niamh BushnellDublin IrelandApr 14, 2015
696peter o neilldublinirelandApr 14, 2015
695Peter ShallowLondonUnited KingdomMar 24, 2015
694Rihzia van TonderCape TownSouth AfricaDec 13, 2014
693Stephen JudgeDún LaoghaireIrelandNov 19, 2014
692Ruwantha LankathilakaKiribathgodaSri LankaJun 28, 2014
691Marc Sanz LopezDublinIrelandJun 12, 2014
690Leonard DonnellyCorkIrelandMay 11, 2014
689Michael DrewryFranklinUSAFeb 13, 2014
688zbigniew Lochowiczdublinco. dublinFeb 06, 2014
687mohamed mashaalalexandriaegyptFeb 05, 2014
686Daniel Gaspar RajoyLa PlataArgentinaJan 29, 2014
685Olga VasylchenkoWellingtonNew ZealandJan 04, 2014
684Patrick SchreiberDenverUSADec 10, 2013
683Jonathan TemplerCape TownSouth AfricaDec 09, 2013
682Georgina NaughtonDublinIrelandNov 28, 2013
681Gianfranco PalumboDublinIrelandNov 28, 2013
680Will MartinCorkIrelandNov 28, 2013
679Eoin CostelloDublinIrelandNov 28, 2013
678Marco HerbstDublinIrelandOct 20, 2013
677Sanket RaskarPuneIndiaOct 09, 2013
676sandra lawal ballyogan DublinOct 08, 2013
675Patrick DavittDublinIrelandOct 04, 2013
674Holly BrennanMalahideIrelandSep 30, 2013
673Kristopher HollingerCarmichael, CAUSAAug 20, 2013
672Kristopher HollingerCarmichael, CAUSAAug 20, 2013
671Chris GordonDundalkIrelandAug 18, 2013
670conor spillaneDublinIrelandJul 23, 2013
669Jane MazurcorkIrelandJul 23, 2013
668Srinivas Rao ChinthapanduDublinDublinJul 19, 2013
667Ruth-Blandina QuinnDublinIrelandJun 13, 2013
666Guillermo De La CruzBarquisimetoVenezuelaJun 10, 2013
665Brian SullivanCorkIrelandMay 31, 2013
664Barbara MacMahonBallinspittleCorkMay 17, 2013
663Thomas O'DuffyDublinIrelandMay 04, 2013
662Stephen WalshDublinIrelandApr 30, 2013
661Karen McCarthyWaterfordIrelandApr 29, 2013
660Owen CorcoranNewbirdge Co.KildareApr 28, 2013
659Loughlin NestorWicklowIrelandApr 25, 2013
658saul mayDublinIrelandApr 23, 2013
657Elaine CoughlanCorkIrelandApr 18, 2013
656John HigginsEnnisIrelandApr 18, 2013
655Cian McNamaraGalwayIrelandApr 11, 2013
654Caio AntunesPorto AlegreBrazilApr 09, 2013
653Seamus TreacyApr 05, 2013
  • #1 written by David Mc Donnell  4 years ago

    This campaign is exactly what our country needs. Let’s not be so nice about it, it’s a disgrace how slow this country responds to change.

    We need talent in this sector now, not in three years time.

    Check their credentials.
    Issue Visas.
    It’s that simple.

    Could you imagine a country that refuses to allow Talent, Investors and Entrepreneurs into its Ecosystem?

    We live in one. Get the word out there.

  • #2 written by Shane Mooney  4 years ago

    Sean & Team
    Brilliant initiative – inviting more talent into this country will only fuel our growth, tax paid and exports. Hope your vision removes bottleneck for those trying to recruit skilled people at a competitive remuneration package to grow their team and business-

    Thanks for taking the lead

  • #3 written by Jarlath Dooley  4 years ago

    Great initiative this!
    In terms of IT, we have one last chance to create the Valley here in Dublin. The key is not grants, or enticements – the key is talent and we are starved of it at the moment. We are 6 months away from paying ridiculous salaries for average talent – in other words, an IT bubble. check out which is trying to get the tech sector open to talent – from anywhere.

  • #4 written by Michael Dineen  4 years ago

    Leaving talented people enter Ireland and providing a highly skilled flexible workforce, has proven successful in attracting multinational investment in the past, and this has grown an Irish indigenous sector from the skills learned from the multinationals, and allowed them to compete on the international stage very successfully.
    Allowing talented people easy access to Ireland , from China, India and Eastern Europe in the sectors we wish to grow is well worth pursuing.
    If the talent is available the investors will come. It will keep costs competitive and it will allow access to world markets easily.
    We have everything in place, and our history ( no colonial, English speaking, geographical location, developed social skills,all give us a unique advantage here)

    We just need to move!
    We have the houses, we have the infrastructure all we need is the will.

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